Studio-41 the Art Workshop was started in June'04 for art lovers, hobby artists and housewives with time at hand. Short term and long term workshops are conducted here with an emphasis on art, craft and art-related subjects. Women are encouraged to develop their talents and skills and perhaps translate this to income generation.

Creative Colours for Children was started in ‘91 for the benefit of children in the age group of 7-14 years. Classes are held daily after school hours. An annual exhibition of their works is held every year, to encourage the children.

Ms.Ravikumar imparts training to students aspiring to pursue further studies in Architecture, Visual Communication and other Art related courses.

Kamla Ravikumar, a professional artist and Interior designer manages both the Institutes. She has held exhibitions of her works in India and some of her works are in the homes of private collectors in India, Dubai and the USA. Visit her site at